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Discover the 7 Top Destinations in Rhodes Island in Greece

Rhodes is among the most wonderful Greek Island filled with history
and natural beauty. It is the largest of the Dodecanese complex and it is
famous for its unique Old Town, mesmerizing sandy beaches, and its romantic
atmosphere. Rhodes is filled with a plethora of thrilling landmarks and amazing
things to see from exploring Medieval Town, visiting the scenic village of
Lindos, and many other activities to try out. Here are the best destinations in
Rhodes Island that you can visit are listed below. If you rent a car in Rhodes , you will be
able to explore the following places with flexibility and absolute free of mind
and avoid public transport. 

Old Rhodes City

Old Rhodes City

The old city of Rhodes is regarded as the largest medieval city
across Europe. It is also considered to be among the most important monuments
of cultural heritage on the international level and it is then declared a
UNESCO World Heritage City in 1988. The old city is filled with iconic
landmarks that you can explore from the narrow streets to the medieval churches
to classical architecture, to museum and galleries. The city is also filled
with shops, bars, and restaurants that you can pass the time. You should also
make sure that you get to the top of the walls of this medieval town where you
will get panoramic views of the surrounding.


Lindos Rhodes

Lindos can be found on the slopes of a stunning hill and it is just
south of the capital town. The town features whitewashed houses, hidden alleys,
pebble-paved courtyards, and buildings of Medieval, Byzantine, and Arab style.
The highlight of the Lindos is the imposing Acropolis which is located on the
top of a rocky hill that overlooks the picturesque Bay of Saint Paul. The
Acropolis is the ancient town of Lindos which was founded by the Dorians in the
10th century, it is still filled with lots of things to explore. Some of the
top monuments that you should not miss at the Acropolis are the temple of Athena
Lindia, Propylaea of the Sanctuary, and so on.

Valley of Butterflies

valley of butterflies rhodes

This is the most beautiful part of the island and it can be found
when you travel to the western side of Rhodes. You will be awestruck with the
immeasurable beauty of the area. It is also the home of the colorful and
gracious butterfly species known as panaxia Quadripunctaria. One of the best
ways to explore here is by strolling around the footpaths among the lush
greenery and the streams while you enjoy the magic of the valley which will
give you nerve-wracking sensation.



The long beach of Tsambika is among the places that you should not
miss during your trip to Rhodes. The beach is the perfect place to go for
relaxation, it also features golden sand and clear turquoise waters. The beach
is also close to the popular Monastery of Tsambika that stands on the top of an
imposing rock. The beach can be found 25km south of Rhodes Town with lots of
thrilling and fun amenities and fun water sports.

Seven Springs

seven springs rhodes

It can be found 30km southeast of the Island’s capital and located
in a magnificent place filled with pine and palm trees. This is an ideal place
to visit during the hot summer due to its natural shade offered by the trees
which create a cool atmosphere. The lake comprises of seven springs where you
will get to see ducks, peacocks, and geese. Some of the best ways to enjoy this
tourist destination are by enjoying a meal in the nearby restaurant or you can
enjoy the scenic views of the mountains.


Agathi beach

This is among the most stunning beaches of Rhodes and can be found
on the east shore of the island. This beach is a hidden gem in Rhodes as it is
a preserved virgin beach without large crowds and noisy beach bars. The beach
also features some canteens where you can get necessary items like sun beds and
umbrellas. The beach is a perfect place to go if you are looking for free
camping as it is the best place to spend some time with good friends or loved



Prasonisi can be found on the southernmost point of the island and
it is just 92 km away from the Rhodes city. This is the best destination that
you can visit if you love water sports like surfing and windsurfing. This is
also the perfect place to go for bathers and also enjoy moments of relaxation
away from the touristy beaches.

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